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Wiring, part the second

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Our second wiring appointment did not take much longer than the first, though this was not surprising as Marianne and I already pretty much knew what we wanted when we went into the appointment.  The contractor was Trinity Wiring, called that because the people who run it are oh-so-irish.  There was serious debating whether or not the guy we met was first or second generation immigrant his accent was so noticeable.

The matter of in-house networking for this house turned out to be pretty straight forward.  Basically, the wiring for phones and computers is the same now-adays.  We can stick the modem and router for our internet into the wiring cabinet and then plug cables into as many ports as we have ports to use (in this case, 3 in the basement, one on the ground floor, and one upstairs).  We can attach a wireless repeater to it if we want (or if our current wireless router doesn’t reach all areas of the house we can add it in as needed.  I already known how to make that work as a wireless repeater).  They don’t provide any routers or anything, but they do provide the wiring.  Score one for not having to run exposed wires all over the house for pets to nom on.

Some things we added:

-Hardwired ethernet ports in the basement for 3 computers, as well as on the ground floor and second floor.

-Wall mounting capacity for two televisions, one in the basement and one on the ground floor.  That includes hidden HDMI ports so gaming systems and DVD players can get access to the TVs without having hanging cords.

-A wall mount for a phone on the ground floor, so we can be called by future playgroups, pizza delivery, and political campaigns (curse that exemption to the no call list).

Things we opted against:

-Home security system.  We plan to have a dog (aka the best home security system in the world).  There were potentially some useful things there (fire-alarm system that would call the fire department) but between the whole “we live in a townhouse community” and the fact that I have visions of the fire department showing up when all we did was burn the roast – yeah, I wasn’t feeling it for the price they were asking.  It’s not like we can’t get carbon monoxide detectors from Lowes.

-Home theater.  Yeah.  I like TV and videogames and all, but that is so not me.

-Matching luggage.  WTF worthy.  Also, not needed.

-Built in vacuum system.  Really also not needed.  Also, a roomba would be cheaper and double as a cat toy.

-Satellite wiring. Tree-line would mean that getting a satellite TV signal would be difficult.  Also, if we were going to upgrade TV again, we’d probably wait until FiOS is available or Comcast gets busted for being a monopoly.  It’s sad I’m not sure which one will come first.

Next up is the pre-construction meeting next week.


Written by Tarsus

September 11, 2010 at 2:50 pm