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Words of Recommendation

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My current supervisor has composed a wonderful letter of recommendation for me to use, and while normally I would keep such things sealed to ensure confidence in its contents this one was made for the eyes of anyone who cares to listen.  Here is an excerpt:

“Prior to David’s arrival, CASTL did not have a dedicated staff person who was able to consistently focus energies on our nationwide student tracking initiative.  This project required reaching out to multiple school districts, schools, teachers and parents to locate students and student data related to a multi-million dollar grant-funded research project.  This involved repeated daily contact with the public, regimented cataloging of incoming and outgoing phone and mail communications, and precise data entry and verification.

“David quickly proved to be invaluable asset in all aspects of this process.  David was able to comfortably work with the public via phone and email.  David was quick to understand both the larger scope of the project as well as the important details related to accurate data collection.  David was able to work independently on all aspects of this project while being mindful to seek direction when appropriate.  He also took initiative on many occasions to offer thoughts on ways in which aspects of this complicated process might be made more efficient.”

You can download and read the entire thing here (PDF, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required).

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Written by Tarsus

March 16, 2010 at 7:00 pm