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Revisiting Saturday

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On Saturday we hit a boggling 7 homes in three hours.  Part of this can be chalked up to our Realtor who plotted an excellent course and was able to add homes at the last minute (hence, why there are more than last week’s post).  There’s a lot to say, so lets get to the meat of things:

12th Street – It appeared very much as we remembered, and that might make it out to be lower down on our priority scale.  The surprise issue of the day was how tight parking was when both sides of the street were in use.  Though it still has tons of charm and other things we need, that and the fact that it would necessitate renovation to fit even two children in it are big problems.  The question with this will be whether the money we would save from the price would be able to handle that, and whether the location (which remains among the best of those we’ve looked at) is worth it.

Eastbrook Drive – “Ton of Space” turned out to be an understatement here.  Not only is there a lot of square footage, but this house did a ton of stuff with it.  There are so many rooms and so much space that both Marianne and I thought that it might, in fact, be too much space.  Paired with that concern is of course what it would cost to heat or cool the house – something very much on my mind considering the heat of the past weeks (and the energy bill for Greenway Road).  That said, we can add to the list of pluses an incredible back yard with wonderful shade (perfect for eating outside).  Of concern also is the potential need for renovations to the basement and the roof.

Monticello Avenue – The yellow house turned out to be the red house.  We nixed this one for many reasons including the fact that it feels like the a fun house with floors bowing and bending this way and that.  That said, the killer was probably the lack of parking.

Short 18th Street – Alas, this home went under contract before our visit.  Farewell!

Banbury Street – There are definitely bad things to say about Banbury.  It’s pricey, there is a gate installed at the side of the house that is essentially unusable, the back deck is a little shaky, and the back door is a fire hazard.  That said, it has a good size, pretty much everything that we need, and the finished basement is pretty much as well done as you could ask for.

Fairway Road – The neighborhood was so nice, it was sad that this home was such a disappointment.  The foundation was cracked for one, that there was “Central Air” pretty much translated to a window AC unit in every room.  Also, the finished basement smelled of mildew and the house’s interior needed some serious maintenance and updating.  I eliminated it from consideration pretty much right away despite the fact that it looked like the current residents would have been fun to meet.

Greenbrier Terrace – This house was just beautiful.  Beautiful rooms.  Beautiful kitchen.  Beautiful back yard with a great deck.  If Marianne and I were going to put our foot down and say “only two children” it might have been the best house we saw.  But the one thing it lacked was any potential room for expansion.  It was sad but true that one fatal flaw was such a strong thing but it really is important.

Ashland Drive – Alas, this house is part of an HOA and an expensive one at that.  It was quite nice inside, but the extra 200 dollars a month means the effective price is well out of our range.


Written by Tarsus

July 26, 2010 at 5:21 pm