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Day 29 – There’s Wood in the Air

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We probably shouldn’t have been surprised when we rolled up on Saturday to see the frame up, but there it was in all its exciting glory!

I mean, Pete the Project manager did say to us, “Your frame is going to be going up next week, weather permitting.”  And weather permits less than an inch of snow (as you could probably tell from the picture.  It looks kinda like a house, doesn’t it?

How they get the frame up so quickly is not a great mystery really.  All the wood for the house (well, at least for the frame) shows up on pallets and some of it even already assembled.  You have to imagine it like a modeling kit… a really really BIG modeling kit:

You can’t buy that at a hobby shop.

The lumber on the right in this picture is the skeleton of the frame – standard lumber.  The stuff on the right is press board and I am going to guess water resistant given the unusual green color.  I guess it’s kinda like a sub-dermal layer of the house.

That there is our house.  You can see where the  bay window will be on the left and our front door will be on the right.  It looks to me like the beams under the window are a support system that will be removed once the parts of window are assembled, but I’m not sure.  The plastic, I think, is to protect the frame and insulation from moisture, but that’s also just a guess based on watching DiY shows on PBS.

There’s the view in through the bay window.  Not very home-y right now, but you can see through what will be the living room all the way back through the kitchen.  This house is the inverse of the model so the large opening is where the door-exit to the back porch will be.

Here you are looking through into the two secondary bedrooms.  As you can see, we lack a roof at the moment, but my understanding is that is the next step.  We’re due for more snow tonight so I think it’s a good question whether they’re going to try to at least get some cover up there before that happens. “If weather allows” is the important phrase at the moment.  Once that roof goes on, the threat from weather is mostly over.


Written by Tarsus

January 10, 2011 at 5:54 pm