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Lord Dauntain Cyranal d’Lyrandar IX of Stormhome

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When it looked like I was going to end up playing the “healer” in the Eberron game that starts this evening, I knew I didn’t want to play your typical cleric.  Dauntain d’Lyrandar is my answer to that.  He’s a Favored Soul, so he’s not an ideological purist, like some clerics can be.  He’s also more influenced by his Dragonmarked Noble heritage, and intentionally something of a swashbuckling type, at least in terms of flavor.  Where I am going with this character is very up in the air right now, we will have to see as the game develops.

Lord Dauntain Cyranal d’Lyrandar IX of Stormhome

Titles: Son of the Storm Mark, Master Windwright; Doctor of the College of Churgeons; Azure Ambasador; Champion of the Skyhunt; First Captain of the Order of the Kraken; Right Honorable Justice and Bane of Corsairs, Pirates, and Thieves.

Background: Dauntain was born the son of Lord Davonyl Cyranal d’Lyrandar and Lady Beatrine Cyranal ap Hawkthrope d’Lyrandar, literally with the deck of an airship under his feet – as he was brought into this world upon his mother’s (a captain in herself) ship the Initiative in the midst of a violent thunderstorm.  This, along for a birthmark on the bottom of his foot in the shape of the icon of the Sovereign Host, marked him as something unusual even to the most jaded observer.  Named for his paternal Grandfather, he is the ninth Dauntain Cyranal, all named for the first son of Cyranal, the second child of Selavash.

If the weight of this name was intended to impress upon Dauntain some measure of the House’s expectations, it was clear from a young age that he would not disappoint.  His talent for Divine Magic manifested when he healed one of the family’s hunting hawks (his favorite) at age two.  By age five, he had manifested the Least Dragonmark of Storm (during a fight with cousin and one day rival Arugal), two years before even the youngest Lyrandar would go through the Trial of the Mark – among the youngest to manifest in the chronicles of the house, and certainly the earliest in generations.

There were disappointments.  Despite his obvious divine gifts, Dauntain had no interest in the clergy, and many a cleric of the Sovereign Host threw their arms up in frustration in his lack of interest in the rituals and dogma of religion – along with his amazing abilities to command powers that many acolytes would spend years learning.  Instead, he spend many hours skipping such lessons in the docks and shipyards of Stormhome learning all he could about being a sailor, swordplay, and the lore of the sea and sky.

More than happy to let their son embrace the family legacy, Lord and Lady Cyranal apprenticed Dauntain to the captain of the Azure, an airship under the command of Hawkeye the unmarked but house-sworn master sailor.  Once Beatrine Cyranal’s first mate, Hawkeye took the young man under his wing and found him to be an active learner and able sailor – albeit one that relied more on his generous and innate talents.  Unlike previous mentors, Hawkeye cared little about methodology as long as jobs were done, allowing Dauntain to flourish and gain plenty of experience with his abilities.

During this time, Dauntain would make both a lifelong friend and lifelong enemy.  Yasril was a more roguish crewman with a penchant for swordplay who found the young noble a more than able sparring partner and comrade.  Even long after their time on-board a ship had passed and Yasril had become entwined in the shadier dealings of House Lyrandar, the two remained close – bonded by their love of swordplay, good humor, and adventure.

On the other hand would be Arugal.  Long the butt of comparison to his talented cousin Dauntain, the once childhood roughhousing partner would grow in resentment during his own time of apprenticeship on the Azure.  For every bit that Dauntain relied on natural talent, Arugal would only achieve through hard work and study.  The only thing that would come easily to Arugal would be seething anger at the ease with which Dauntain would accomplish even difficult tasks. This would not be helped in the slightest by all the times Dauntain and Yasril would look on and jeer Arugal as he attempted to replicate his cousin’s successes.  Those barbs would leave wounds long nursed, and Dauntain would look back many times and wished he had held his youthful tongue.

Near the end of that apprenticeship, came the incident that would catapult the already noteworthy Dauntain into the limelight of House Lyrandar’s social scene.  By chance, Dauntain spotted a hidden pirate haven in the Mountains of northern Aundair, and led a daring night-time raid that would capture the pirate’s three airships and slaughter or imprison almost every member of the by then infamous Crimson Navy Pirate Gang.  This bold act earned him honors from the House and saw him suddenly the toast of parties at ports across Khorvaire.

Since that time, Dauntain has continued his adventures as a merchant marine, ship’s master, ship’s surgeon, and straightforward adventurer.  Ever the bane of pirates, he has also made a name for himself by being a consummate gentleman and the life of many social gatherings and house celebrations.  Many of his personal possessions, including his spyglass, sword, chain shirt, and shield have been presented to him by admirers or as rewards for service to the house.

Despite these things, however, Dauntain remains a man captivated by the lust for adventure and the call of the sky.  He hopes one day to command enough influence or earn enough coin to gain his own airship with which to explore the world.  This might end up being harder than it seems, for he is gregarious and generous with his money.  That said, Dauntain travels freely over the world, which what has brought him to the location where the adventure begins.

Appearance: A devilishly handsome half-elf with long wavy blond hair, carefully manicured beard, and green eyes.  His Least Dragonmark of the Storm covers the right side of his neck, reaching onto both the side of his jaw and shoulder – impossible to miss even with a high collared shirt.  Almost always well dressed, he favors the latest fashions from Stormhome with a nautical bent – generally a shirt and waistcoat, breeches, high cavalier boots, tricorn hat, and captain’s jacket.  Less noticeable is the large Kraken tattoo that covers much of his left arm, back, and side.


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