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Today’s Appointment: Electrical Outlets

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One thing is becoming abundantly clear, the next few months are going to result in a lot of appointments to make those little (okay, some of them aren’t so little) customizations that make this entire process most like the the fun part of the Sims.  These are things like Electrical/Telephone/Data wiring and Kitchen Cabinets & Counter Tops, and flooring/carpets.

Today’s appointment is to get a few “custom” electrical outlets put in so that we can add things like a wall mounted television.  This is separate from other electrical related appointments for one reason: It’s cheaper to specify them at this point than to do it later through the sub-contractor.  By cheaper I mean by $100 per outlet cheaper, which is not a small amount.  Fortunately, we still get the code-specified outlet every 12 feet without any extra charge, but if we want more than that (or to specify them in a somewhat odd place, such as elevated 5 feet off the floor) it’s far better to do that today than later.

There are two main places we are looking to use this option.  The first is in the rec room in the basement so we can add a wall mounted television if we so desire.  The second is in the kitchen in the nooks behind the cabinets, which will make adding in things like under-cabinet lighting much easier in the future.  It also gives us a place to plug in things in that awkward corner space that every kitchen has.  We’re thinking the Kitchen Aid stand mixer at the moment.

There may be other places we need to specify, we’ll find out as we walk through today.  I plan on bringing a tape measure to pace out a few 12 foot increments.

Update: Five in total.  Three in the kitchen (two by the counter, one over by the table for sewing, etc), one on the long wall in the living room, and one on the short wall in the basement.


Written by Tarsus

August 26, 2010 at 5:30 pm

814 Rock Creek Road is Ours

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Yesterday afternoon, we penned a contract with Ryan Homes and NVR Mortgage to build 814 Rock Creek Road.  It will be a Colonial style townhouse, three stories (two above ground and one basement), with a bay window.

But right now, it is just a patch of dirt that we don’t even own because we don’t own the land, just the air (the HOA owns the land).  Now, that air may not look like anything special.  However, its our air and that is worth something.

There were a couple of things that took us a while to smooth out to our satisfaction.  The first was the “fee” to lock in the interest rate on the loan (4.25% if you must know), which while not unusual was a) about double what you would pay elsewhere, and b) totally not disclosed to us.  Arguing that down was a key provision for us and that happened, and we got it down to below what we would have had to pay from our Credit Union.  We also got a guarantee from the builder that if they couldn’t build the house within the time specified in the lock they would pay the fees to extend the lock.

The second was the issue of the bay window, which was a feature we didn’t ask for (honestly, the cats will love it, but we didn’t need it) but we didn’t have a choice to have it or not.  The result was we thought it was kinda ridiculous to pay for it.  We didn’t get it for free, but we did get it at %25 the price originally asked.

These were very minor things, but from the perspective of feeling like we were signing on to something that wasn’t going to bite us in the butt later they were essential.  If we had regrets, that would have been bad.  I’m pretty confident saying at this point we don’t have regrets about it.

Tomorrow we get to pick out the exterior colors.  There may be pictures.

Written by Tarsus

August 21, 2010 at 9:49 am