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Added costs

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One of the things about buying a new house is some of the things you end up wanting to buy because the house doesn’t come with them, or you want to take advantage of the fact that the workers who built your house are accessible.  This can be an awesomely good thing, but it does have added costs.  For us, most of these are in the kitchen, but there are other notable things that add up.

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Faucet

If these numbers seem a little high to you, it is because we’ve had a lot of sinks, and we’re sick of the scarring that happens on porcelain and acrylic sinks, and the spotting that happens on “stainless” steel.  Composite Granite or Quartz is the way to go.  We also want a faucet that fits easily under a large stock-pot.



Movable Butcher Block Island

The kitchen has a good bit of counter space, but a movable island would be necessary if you wanted to, say, have three people working at the same time (future child labor for example, *cough*).  We saw a new one listed this week that looked good at the listed price, but because no installation is required, this will probably be one of the later purchases we make.

Ceiling Fans (x1)

Ceiling Fans w/Lights (x4)

Energy Savings is a big draw for this house.  So what can we do to make sure we save even more energy?  Install ceiling fans in every room of course.




We need to wash clothes it’s inescapable.  There is money to be saved here by buying from the Sears scratch+dent warehouse in Richmond.  Energy Efficiency is also important here, and that adds a little to the upfront cost.

Freezer Chest

We’ve long wanted extra freezer space so that buying in bulk is a realistic possibility.  We also don’t need 20 cubic feet, so a modest 5 cubic foot freezer chest should accommodate our needs.

Total $2270-2830

Written by Tarsus

August 11, 2010 at 5:32 pm