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I am man looking for a job.

The particulars of looking for a job (at this time, in this market) require every advantage.  There can be many things that appeal to a potential employer, and certainly a well crafted phrase or (at least) proof of competence should be to those that I am looking for.  If you are that person, I hope you will find this record likable or at least amusing.  If you are not, then I put it here for your enjoyment anyway.

But to the point.

I, that is the construction of nature made of flesh, muscle, blood, sinew, nerves, etc. called David Kasdan Stephens, live in Charlottesville, Virginia and, as of March 1st 2010 I was informed that the grant funding from which I earned my salary was no longer available so that my gainful employment would soon be coming to and end.  Unlike some in my position, I was informed that this was a matter of money and not a measure of my capacity.  However, I was also informed that I should begin my job search forthwith, and thus how this website you are now reading came to be.

Fortunately for a man in search of a job, I have many talents.  Some of these are captured in my resume, and others, such as my talents for cooking, contact juggling, and self-depreciating humor, are not.  Still others, such as my abilities with words, I hope to reveal on these pages.  Whether or not these abilities are of use to you, my potential future employer, is for you to decide.


Written by Tarsus

March 4, 2010 at 6:20 pm

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