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Day 13 & 19 – Utilities first, then more concrete.

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It’s a bit of a belated update here.  Holidays get in the way with regular updates, so have some holiday updates today, namely, what was wrought with the house over the holiday.

What you see there is the feed of the utilities into our abode in the form of (at that moment) empty pvc pipe.  Water, gas, and maybe electric from the utilities will come into the house via those pies.  One of them, also has the raedon venting system in it, which in the unlikely event that we have raedon helps keep it from building up inside the house.

The holiday season did not stop work on the house, and the weather cooperated enough that they were able to go from this on the 23rd:

To this one the 29th:

And we have a finished foundation.

Next up, at least in theory, is framing.  That is supposed to happen THIS WEEK according to the project manager who hasn’t mislead us yet.  So there may be another update soon with pictures of our wooden edifice.

Once we get wood, that’s a lot more like a house.  Or, at least, it’s going to LOOK like a house.  There’s a lot that goes on inside of it too obviously, but it will look like a house from the outside and that is a huge step forward.


Written by Tarsus

January 7, 2011 at 5:43 pm

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