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Day 7 – Then there were walls

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As promised, they started pouring concrete yesterday (Friday, December 17th) despite the snow.  I would worry, but as I understand an observer has to come from the city to ensure that the temperature and conditions for pouring concrete are right.

The wood and metal walls you can see are the molds to hold the concrete, which will need to cure over
the next several days.

Some other things you can see in this picture:

-The two framed bits sticking out in front are where, I believe, the front steps will be.
-the long slab of concrete in the back is what was under the hay in the last picture, so you can see what that looks like.

The project manager informed me when they were doing this yesterday that if the weather cooperated they would be feeding in the water and sewer lines and pouring the slab, which you can probably tell hasn’t been done yet.

We also informed our current landlord that they had gotten started, which means they will probably be able to make the promised deadline of early March.  He’s sending over the paperwork but we’re hoping to find someone to take over the lease on 1203 Greenway on April 7th. That gives us one month to move in, which I think should be enough.


Written by Tarsus

December 18, 2010 at 4:30 pm

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