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The moral of the past week might as well be “Don’t assume that you know what you want.“  Can we count how many of our “rules” we broke in the process of choosing 102 Rock Creek Drive?

-No HOA: Seriously, how many homes have we thrown out because of HOA fees and restrictions? Probably dozens.  Rock Creek overcame these by keeping the fees reasonable (as a percentage of the asking price) and keeping the community small (less than 30 units).  Also, by keeping the community small, it prevents the Home Owners Association from feeling like some monolith to crush us under foot.

-No Condos: Or to put it another way: no rabbit warrens.  Despite being a Condo, Rock Creek manages to not feel like one by building something that feels like townhouses.

-Need Parking: The community has maybe 15 guest spaces, that’s less than one unit.  It’s small and on a public street though – meaning that there’s room to park for guests.

Stairs = Problem: Marianne’s knee means we wanted to avoid a house with lots of stairs.  Rock Creek is 3 stories.  It manages to handle this problem by having the main entrance on the second story and having curving staircases (with solid walls) and well built railings to help prevent falls.

No “Proposed”: Who wants to wait months for their house?  Well, frankly, this is just a better idea than it sounds.  Not having to rush a move.  Giving Roommate and Landlord plenty of time to sort out finding new places/new tenants is also good.  Did I mention that we get to customize?

Which brings me to the sometimes surprising things we liked:

OMG Customization: The seriously fun advantage of buying a house is that you get to pick everything.  Well, not everything.  You have options you choose.  Which, when you think about how many choices there are to make is kinda nice because it would be way too easy to get lost in the details.  But being able to choose your counter-tops, cabinets, fixtures, and ceilings?  Plenty awesome.

Super Efficient Utilities: Rough estimate that we’ll save maybe 75+% over our current utility bills (which are, to be fair, absurdly high).  Energy efficient appliances, super insulated walls and windows, and capacity for lots and lots of fans all add up to serious energy savings.

-Van Der Line Recycling: Not having the RWSA do our trash is like magic.  Not having to sort our trash is also pretty awesome.  But knowing that there is going to be a higher rate of recycling in my house is also pretty awesome.

No big $$$ for repairs or upgrades: It’s new.  It’s under warranty.  It already has every efficiency upgrade I can think of.

Gas Range: I love cooking with actual fire.  Actual fire doesn’t take forever to get hot or cool down.  Actual fire cooks things quickly and heats evenly.  Did I also mention that Natural Gas cooking is way more energy efficient in terms of carbon/BTU than electric?  It ain’t induction heating mind you, but it’s awesome-sauce.


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August 10, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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